As the world is grappling with coronavirus, even the therapists could not efficiently implement what they preach.

The most difficult aspect of being a therapist during a pandemic is the struggle to provide advice when every client needs help just to process what is happening all around. Some of the strategies that have proven effective to some extent, are described below. Please check them out right now.

  1. Online sessions have acquired widespread popularity; hence, it is compulsory that the chiropractors and therapists should reflect calm on their social media profiles. Yes, even if they do not have it together, they must fake for the sake of their clients. An anxious client will feel much better on seeing his or her therapist calmly teaching the ways to handle dire situations.
  2. The virus is an actual threat, but panicking can only trigger undesirable thoughts and emotions. It is necessary to acquire a realistic perspective by gaining information only from authentic sites such as the World Health Organization (WHO). They give you accurate statistics. Several platforms out there are only trying to become popular by feeding on the fears of people, please steer clear of them.
  3. Concentrate on what you can do to be safe than on what is beyond your control. Alleviate the risks of contamination within your house. Avoid international travel under all circumstances and be aware of the hygiene. If you are receiving packages, do sanitize them before opening.  Wash your hands thoroughly after every hour using a strong cleanser.
  4. When you make something right from scratch, you are providing yourself with a sense of hope, which is beneficial when everything seems to fall apart People can cook new dishes, write a short story or poem, sculpt a figurine, or paint. Of course, going out is not possible, but try to stick to your daily routine as much as possible. Exercise, read, work, and do whatever you would have done if there was no pandemic.
  5. Do you remember what those telephone commercials in the bygone days used to show? It is great to reach out. Yes, when you cannot meet your friends, colleagues, and relatives on a daily basis, why not talk to them?  Remember, to not vent out your frustrations only but have a normal interaction about everything under the sun. Ask someone how is their wedding planning going or tell them what you prepared for dinner today.
  6. None can deny the strength of visualization when it comes to coping with a critical situation. You need to picture something peaceful and whatever that makes you happy. It can be your whole family relaxing on the beach or you snuggling in the bed with a book.

Just like the dentists in an emergency, the therapists also must adhere to safety protocols in case they plan