Holistic SEO has helped a lot of business in the last 10 years

SEO Testimonials From Our Clients Make the Right Choice about Your SEO

“We no longer have to throw away money advertising in magazines. We get ten times the business we ever got from magazines for half the expense. People constantly come into our store with printouts from our web pages saying – we want that dining table – while pointing at the item they’ve printed out. All I ever say to Stewart is – whatever you’re doing, just keep doing it.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: habitat furniture store
– Con Arvanitakis, Director, Habitat Furniture Warehouse, Sydney, Australia.

“Stewart Dawes and his team took us from the Google ranking wilderness to scores of rankings at the top of Google, and our ROI from the internet has exploded. It’s half of our overall revenue.”

– Emma Boulton, CEO, Gynaecare Health Clinic, Sydney, Australia.

“We were delighted with the SEO work carried out by Stewart Dawes and SEO Therapy. He was passionate about understanding our business, highly content-focussed and got us great SEO results. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a cost effective, professional and results-focussed SEO service.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: OnTrack Retreats
– David Rawlings, CEO, OnTrack Retreats, Blue Mountains, Australia.

“Thanks to SEOtherapy, we increased our social media presence from virtually nothing last year to a high online profile this year. The benefit couldn’t be more clear. While we had only a few pre-sales in tickets for our festival last year, this year has been an entirely different story – with three sessions selling out and huge numbers for our other sessions. It simply would not have happened had we not been interacting with our target audience online.”

Holistic SEO testimonia: Sydney Underground Film Festival
– Sydney Underground Film Festival

“We contracted Stewart Dawes to set us up on Twitter and teach us how to use it, prior to the launch of our new film Any Questions For Ben. He is down-to-earth, no bullshit, hype-free – 100% pragmatic – genius. From his input, we got a company social media plan and policy in place.

Holistic SEO testimonial: Any Questions For Ben
– Michael Hirsh, Producer, Working Dog Films / Any Questions For Ben.

The SEO work done by Stewart Dawes and SEOtherapy has been explosive to say the least. Where we were relying on Google Adwords and our organic search results were mediocre at best, we’ve now substantially cut back our Adwords account as the impact of SEOtherapy’s onsite and off-site SEO, timed in unison, has seen us often with four results out of the first 10 on Google’s first page, rather than just one result. Using a high traffic media website to post articles about different aspects of our business has triggered a highly profitable flow of targeted traffic. And even on very crucial searches such as “dehumidifiers melbourne” thanks to the off-site SEO on we score up to three results on Google’s first page and on Yahoo. For that search we come up #1, #2, #3 and #4 – simply fantastic stuff!

Holistic SEO testimonial: moisturecurer
– Bob Knuckey, director, Moisturecure, Port Macquarie Australia.

“Within weeks SEOtherapy got us onto the first page of Google for a truly massive range of our most crucial search phrases such as “kinesiology courses in Sydney”, “aromatherapy courses Melbourne”, “remedial massage courses Adelaide” and scores of similar but highly targeted variations. We’ve clocked up 40 months being a weekly-session client and based on what has been achieved on Google and our all-important ROI from these gains, we will never stop. SEOtherapy develop SEO and social media ideas which are highly innovative – I love how Stewart Dawes conceives creative SEO strategies, implements them, and then they work brilliantly.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: The Health Arts College
– Brian Knight, director, The Health Arts College, Melbourne, Australia.

“Stewart Dawes is Bodytrim’s social media guru. Simple as that.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: Bodytrim
– Geoff Jowett, Director, Bodytrim Australia / IGEA Group.

“Finding someone to trust on the slippery slope of SEO and social media is the greatest challenge. I know the work Stewart Dawes does for me is highly effective because people tell me! His integrity showed through when he told me one day that Twitter simply wasn’t working for me – I was attracting followers from around the world, but rarely from Australia. However the SEO work has more than made up for this strange follower trend on twitter. Ranking at the top of Google for ‘healing retreats in australia’ and similar phrases – this is exactly my target result, and it’s been achieved many times over.

Holistic SEO testimonial: Roberty Kirby International
– Robert Kirby, Director, Core Energetics Australia / Robert Kirby International.

“After just seven months we outrank David Jones, Myer, Westfield, Net-a-Porter and pretty well every other fashion brand in Australia for our crucial city-by-city keyphrases to do with cocktail dresses, jewellery, shoes, day dresses, seasonal fashions and even style advice! Online fashion consumers love to window-shop, so on-page and landing-page challenges remain to get a higher percentage to convert, but there’s no doubt a lot of targeted traffic is flowing to our site.

Holistic SEO testimonial: Cherry Red

– Gina Fitzgerald, Proprietor, Cherry Red
“Stewart Dawes performed SEO across a wide variety of our magazine titles in 2009-2010 and was the catalyst for us to take SEO much more seriously. With the knowledge he provided our company, we were able to train our editors on how to optimise all their articles, leading to a substantial growth in online traffic across over 40 online magazines. His background as a magazine editor himself as well as a media sales director gives him a substantial edge.

Holistic SEO testimonial: Universal Magazines
– Prema Perera, CEO, Universal Magazines

“I’m stoked about getting to number 1 on Google for “mac repairs sydney” when I used to be at number 7 … that’s incredible. That group of keywords is my absolute most important phrase out of all possible phrases that bring me business. And that result is on … gets me the first TWO spots! Even slight variations of this phrase such as “mac repair sydney”, “apple mac repairs sydney”, “apple repairs sydney”, “repair mac sydney” and so on I come up either second or in most of those cases first on! Since I implemented SEO, business has gone up by 26 percent. Thanks again Stewart for all your work – I can see it’s going to be worth every dollar.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: Mac Manager
– Stuart Snow, director, Mac Manager, Sydney Australia.

“I’ve been working with Stewart Dawes for over 2 years now and will never change providers when it comes to SEO and social media. He is a man with passion and his strategies surpass the imagination of what is possible. He anticipates Google’s algorithm changes before Google even implements them, so that when those changes occur, we’re already there. The ROI month after month is of course what it’s all about, but working with this gentleman visionary makes the journey worthwhile in other ways.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: Tomatis Method Australasia
– Francoise Nicoloff, Director, Tomatis Method Australasia.

“My design company told me bluntly that I would never get on the first page of Google, even if I paid a million dollars or more – that’s literally what they said to me. However within 2-3 weeks of implementing the SEO program, in fact it was around 10 days, we started achieving first page placements on Google results for the following search engine terms: Coming up #3 and #4 on Google for “tea stores sydney” out of 11 million results! Coming up #1 and #2 – again not just one result but two – on for “tea stores sydney”. Coming up #1 and #6 on Google for “best teas in Australia” by using the secondary page of for its extra search engine grunt. Coming up #1 and #2 on for the results “tea shops sydney”, “tea shops brisbane”, “tea shops melbourne”, “tea shops perth”. Number 2 for “online tea stores” on the Australian pages of Yahoo – By using a combination of high-traffic media websites which he started publishing 13 years ago and is the only SEO provider with such resources, Stewart Dawes of SEO Therapy implements SEO strategies that no other SEO company in Australia can provide. Stewart also filmed Youtube videos which provide excellent additional Google/search engine results positioning World Par-tea as the premium boutique tea company in Australia. Not only did he shoot the videos, he SEO-ed them for maximum Google results. Since the SEO was done, I’ve been receiving orders from as far away as San Fransisco, also the UK, Japan – and orders are coming in every day from all parts of Australia. So if your design company is telling you that you’ll never get anywhere on Google, don’t believe them, ring Stewart Dawes to see if he can help you.”

Holistic SEO testimonial: World Par Tea
– Kerrie McMahon, owner of World Par-tea, Port Macquarie, Australia.

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