Children don’t do much other than eating and sleeping. Therefore, when something is wrong, it is easy to tell from either one or both. Babies that have experienced stress will experience tension in some regions of their bodies which will cause them difficulties and discomfort. Such a baby will usually cry and be unsettled and tend to tune their head to one side. Also, they will neither feed nor sleep well. There are different ways that a baby could have sustained stress.

Most times, it is a result of undergoing stress during the birth process. Unlike the rest of a child’s body, the head is designed to be strong and flexible as the child pushes their way out of the birth canal. At times, however, the child’s cranial bones might get twisted or compressed. Before learning about the ways children can benefit from osteopathy, it is necessary first to understand what cranial osteopathy is.

What is it?

Cranial osteopathy is a holistic treatment that helps to heal injuries and provide pain relief. This treatment’s philosophy is based upon the belief that the body of an infant works best when it is flexible. Here doctors use a hands-on approach for strain relief in different body parts, allowing this infant’s body to function normally.

People who have been trained in cranial osteopathy center their focus on the body’s involuntary motion. An osteopath will usually concentrate on feeling the rhythm on the head and how the positioning and movement of cranial bones influence this.

By feeling the rhythm of this child, they can determine whether the body tissues are moving as they should or not.

If they notice that certain areas are restricted, they can focus their treatment here with small movements. Osteopathy will help to restore balance and optimum functioning in these areas.

When should your baby start this treatment?

The birth process may at times result in changes that your pediatrician might not be able even to notice. There isn’t any guide on how soon you need to take your baby to see the osteopath. However, similar to medical and dental practitioners who empathise with kids wellbeing, the sooner, the better. Getting a postnatal assessment even as soon as you give birth will help you know how healthy your baby. If there are any issues, you can contemplate when to begin these treatments.

Is the process safe for an infant?

A well-trained pediatric osteopath will have all the necessary skills to diagnose any related issue. Therefore, this makes the treatment process safe for your child. An infant can notice when changes occur in their body structures. Depending on the severity, treatment might be uncomfortable for your bundle of joy. Sometimes your baby will be relaxed and even fall asleep.

Why is cranial osteopathy beneficial?

Gentle osteopathic treatment can help balance your child’s skull bones and soft tissue. This is through subtle and gentle movements to realign their bodies and release any restrictions in these parts. The treatment is particularly beneficial if you have just had your baby because of its gentle approach.

After undergoing this treatment, you can expect your baby to develop and grow the way their bodies are built to. Babies relieve their discomfort and stress by sucking and crying. However, when the baby cannot do this for themselves, it might be best to seek the assistance of an osteopathic doctor.