Toothpaste is a standard product in your home, and you cannot live without it. Sadly, we hardly care to know about the toothpaste that we are using.

Finding herbal toothpaste that works (and tastes good) is quite a hassle. However, it has gained popularity over the years and for the right reasons. Your gums will absorb whatever kind of food that you put into your mouth.

Both excellent and harmful chemicals found in mouthwashes and toothpaste will connect to your whole body through the gums. Therefore, there is a need for both healthy gums and mouth.

With this in mind, we shall answer the question of, is herbal toothpaste healthier? This article will highlight the benefits and what to avoid when using herbal toothpaste.

The advantages of using herbal toothpaste than other options include;

  1. They use natural ingredients

 Herbal toothpaste uses natural ingredients such as mint and other herbs to freshen your breath. These ingredients are free of artificial flavoring. You will use ingredients like hydrated silica to whiten your teeth. It is because they are gentler on your teeth than other toothpaste options.

With these ingredients, dentists say it won’t stain porcelain veneers.

  1. Removal of bacteria effectively

 The herbal oral care products get rid of bacteria effectively, thus leaving the entire mouth healthy. Spearmint and peppermint oil present in herbal toothpaste also helps in destroying the bacteria.

  1. Price implication

As for herbal toothpaste, you can make your own. It will give you the control of putting the exact ingredients that you want hence cutting on cost.

  1. They are less abrasive

 When compared to mainstream toothpaste, herbal ones are less abrasive. These kinds of toothpaste cause your gums to recede prematurely.

  1. Environmental-friendly

 In most cause, there is excess commercial toothpaste that makes its way to the ocean. By using natural ingredients, you can protect and safeguard the environment.

  1. They are sustainable to produce

 Herbal toothpaste is more sustainable to produce. By opting for renewable and natural ingredients, you are creating a more earthly-friendly and people product.

  1. They are free of dyes

 Dyes usually cause behavioral issues. It is particularly vital for children with mild nervous symptoms.

Things to avoid in herbal toothpaste

 There are several things you need to avoid to ensure that you get the best herbal toothpaste.

  • Fluoride- causes neurological, bone, and thyroid diseases.
  • Saccharin and orbital- it causes diarrhea.
  • Carrageenan leads to inflammation.
  • Triclosan is a hormone disruptor and endangers children with eczema, asthma, and allergies.
  • Propylene glycol poses a considerable risk to the central nervous system.
  • Sodium Laurel Sulfate (SLS) which is a skin irritant for many people.

 Final touches

Your teeth, gums, and mouth are very crucial parts of your overall health. Brushing your teeth is a phenomenal part of your daily living. You can maintain a clean dental system by going the herbal way. Toothpaste is not a big issue like wisdom tooth removal.

With the right herbal toothpaste, you will retain your smile longer than you think.