If you have ever done an online search, then you know how significantly the top results affect your choice of websites to visit. The initial results almost always end up being the websites that you click, access, and eventually do business with. Landing as a top search result can have exponential impact to any brand or business. This is why tradies such as this Sydney-based electrician now turn to digital marketing to fortify their online presence.

Electricians, apart from being skilled and certified, are more market-savvy nowadays. They have come to embrace digital marketing as a way to promote their business to targeted clients. Some of the current approaches they use include content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), advertisements, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Content marketing takes the form of blogs or video guides that feature the electrician’s skills and expertise. Search Engine Optimization, the process of improving visibility on search engines, utilizes keywords and terms to ensure that the electrician’s website and contact information are well-positioned in search results pages. Advertising on other websites and social media drives more traffic to the electrician’s business website, too. Social media channels like Facebook, which currently has 11.5 million active users in Australia, are also effective platforms for putting out content related to the industry or for connecting with current and prospective customers. Lastly, electricians also use the slightly outdated strategy of mass-sending email messages, containing information about services and promotions they offer.

Because we live in this digital age, digital marketing is deemed essential in any industry. No matter how excellent and experienced a tradesman is, his or her business will not thrive without online visibility and searchability. Customers will not be able to connect with an electrician that has little to no online presence. Those who adapt to the times are able to generate more sales, obtain or retain more customers, and grow their businesses exponentially.