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NEWS: Hottest Client Results

27 July 2015: The best pest control company decided they needed the best SEO in Sydney and were rewarded handsomely for their efforts with a killer first page ranking for the term pest control western sydney. This just goes to show the value of SEO in not just increasing, but really starting to dominate market share in an industry.

23 June 2015: Bad Credit Loanss were suffering from some poor rankings, until we gave them an SEO all over which boosted them 80+ positions for the term bad credit loans. Talk about bringing the old rankings bazooka out!

12 May 2015: Menopause might not seem like a great time, but we helped to counter that with a first page ranking for our friends at the Menopause Treatment Clinic, scoring a massive first page double ranking for the term menopause treatment clinic.

14 April 2015: I see page one rankings in your future we told the fellows at Psychic Central, and we’ve shown them just how accurate our predictions were with a first page ranking for the visionary term online psychics.

1 March 2015: Our lead generation portfolio is going from strength to strength with our flagship lead generation site climbing to the first page for the hot term lead generation websites. In fact, it’s ranking third nowadays!

2 February 2015: Heating up rankings for our sister site Social Media Agencyy is just part of our competitive nature. Securing the first page of Google for the term social media agency.

7 January 2015: Trusted Inner West denizens Balmain Osteopaths have managed to attain crucial first page rankings for the terms osteopath and osteopaths thanks to some handy SEO.

3 October 2014: We begin developing a new range of cafe websites including the Perth Cafes directory as well as Adelaide Cafes and the Brisbane Cafes website.

21 September 2014: While our company vision remains on the SEO Sydney market, we’re now focussing on a new way of transcending SEO challenges – clients can rent high-ranking lead generation websites from us to build a portfolio of independent websites providing multiple rankings on the first page of Google instead of just one website. For more info call Stewart Dawes on 1300 321 814. 

7 July 2014: One of our sister-sites developed for the corporate SEO market cracks #2 for “corporate SEO” while also arriving on the first page of Google for the term “SEO company Sydney“.

18 June 2014: Taste Ireland’s ‘irish food’ ranking takes a twist, with Google giving it a double-ranking on the first page, being #5 and #6.

30 April 2014: Just one week after SEOing their home-page, Taste Ireland jump from #10 to #4 for the short-string search term ‘irish food’.

15 April 2014: Webvine hover between #1 and #2 on any given day for their most crucial term ‘sharepoint sydney’ while also having a #7 for ‘sharepoint development’ and now looking to gain ground for the globally-competitive term ‘sharepoint‘ where they’re presently #11.

2 April 2014: HEARnet claims the #1 ranking for the short-string term ‘hearing loss’ out of 116 million search results. Traffic to their website has increased six-fold since we started their SEO program in the second half of 2013. In total they have 16 highly coveted terms that we’ve secured high rankings for them and continue to monitor industry-conquering progress.

17 March 2014: Simply Linen secures 2 rankings on the first page of Google for their most crucial search term which is ‘pure linen sheets‘. They have a #6 and a #7.

3 March 2014: Atomic Social Media changed their strategy and decided to start seeking a ranking for the highly competitive term ‘social media agency‘ – four weeks after orienting our SEO activities around that term they’ve appeared at #6.

18 February 2014: An excellent result for NZ commercial property group KIcom with their site securing a #1 for ‘commercial property investment christchurch’ with two additional pages showing on the ranking due to Google determining that their website has high authority for this subject. Now that this first term has gained ground, we’re targeting the shorter phrase ‘commercial property christchurch‘ where they’re currently making moderate progress against strong competition, having crawled up to #14.

12 February: To service a new adult media project we work with a client on producing both a sex news and an adult entertainment media website.

4 February 2014: Clinical Hypnosis ascend to the #1 ranking for ‘hypnosis training’ out of 5.89 million search results.

28 August 2013: We built Doyle Bros’ new website using SEO principles from the ground up, and just 6 weeks after going live it’s ranking #3 for the very short-string search ‘rubbish removal‘ out of 7.6 million search results. The response from Paul Doyle, managing director of Doyle Bros, is “whatever you’re doing, it’s working! Just keep doing it.”

21 August 2013: Just three months into their SEO campaign with us, HEARnet ranks at #3 for ‘hearing loss’ out of 110 million search results. Traffic to their site has doubled.

13 August 2013: A new website set up to rank for the competitive search ‘accommodation loire valley‘ to support search results for a BandB chain in France.

17 July 2013: A new website is co-created between ourselves and Englewood Ridge to give stronger presence for the highly competitive term ‘accommodation hunter valley‘. News on its rankings within 4 weeks.

8 June 2013: We rank one of Atomic Digital’s websites #1 out of 797 million search results for ‘social media managers’. Their next target is #1 for ‘social media management‘ out of 1.02 billion search results where they’re presently #5.

28 May 2013: New client Future Map get to #1 out of 5.4 million search results for their most crucial term ’employee programs’ after just one month of an SEO program with us.

15 May 2013: HEARnet signs with us looking to rank strongly for the phrase ‘hearing loss‘. You heard us, hearing loss. Watch this space.

11 May 2013: New client Future Map, after not appearing in the first ten pages for their preferred term ’employee programs’, goes to #13 just five days into their SEO campaign with us. This is out of a massive 297 million search results.

5 May 2013: Foamed Insulations crack three rankings on the first page of Google for the term ‘foam insulation’ out of 5.25 million search results.

17 April 2013: Our long-term client moves onto their fourth website with us Tours From Sydney continuing their journey along our Conquer Your Industry SEO program. They now have ultra-high rankings for scores of crucial terms such as Blue Mountains Tours and Farmstay Australia to name a couple.

15 April 2013: Our client Eco-Foam cracks #4 for ‘underfloor insulation’ out of 2.28 million search results – and #3 for ‘wall insulation’ out of 13 million search results.

18 March 2013: Four months ago we built a website for our client Gynaecare to rank as high as possible for the search term ‘vasectomy sydney’ and they now rank #1 for this term out of 390,000 search results. Having achieved that, two weeks ago we started focussing them on the single-word term ‘vasectomy’ where they’re now #6 out of a whopping 7.05 million search results. Ahead of them are a clutch of massive directory websites plus Wikipedia so while we persist trying to push them higher, the client has reported profound satisfaction with their phones ringing constantly with SEO-driven enquiries. The directors have offered us a testimonial in which they reveal that 50% of their clinic’s revenue is a direct result of our SEO activity.

22 February 2013: Our client Englewood Ridge has crept up to rank at #11 for the highly competitive search term ‘accommodation hunter valley‘ out of 2.54 million search results, after just 3 months small-business-program SEO. Perched at the doorstep of Google Page 1 is a good position for this term, considering that ahead of them are the monolithic travel and accommodation websites Wotif, Stayz, Tripadvisor, VisitNSW and LastMinute as well as Expedia, NeedItNow, WineCountry and MercureHunterValley. Now the final high-quality media-website links are being published to complete the challenge of at least getting them onto page one, even if we can’t get them ahead of the monoliths – watch this space and we’ll have news on this in 3-4 weeks.

8 February 2013: Our client Sydney CBD Hypnosis are now ranking #2 on Google out of 2.28 million results for the short-string search ‘hypnosis sydney’. Next challenge is to rank them higher for the single-word searches ‘ hypnosis’ and ‘hypnotherapy’ where they’re presently ranking on pages 2 and 3. We’ll let you know how it goes!

1 February 2013: The Counselling & Hypnosis Institute of Australia cracks #3 on Google, after previously being not seen in the first ten pages, for the following crucial search terms: hypnosis training sydney, hypnosis courses sydney and hypnosis course sydney. They’ve also risen rapidly for hypnosis training – now #7, hypnosis course – now #11, and ‘hypnosis courses’ – now #14. Our next challenge is to rank them higher than their current #9 for ‘hypnotherapy training’ and #21 for ‘hypnosis sydney’.

14 January 2013: Aussie Farmstay’s new site which has been built from the ground up to rank high for Blue Mountains Tours is now fully fleshed out & ready to start ranking. Its starting point today is at #36. We’ve also created a new page to rank them for Blue Mountains attractions to expand their horizontal reach. Further high-powered links for farmstay holidays from Sydney have also been added.

18 December 2012: Our client Tomatis Australia ranks #1 on Google for ‘autism treatments sydney’ out of 3.77 million results. New target phrase for them is ‘auditory processing disorder‘ where they are not seen first ten pages.

17 December 2012: Just four months into their campaign, and competing against 16.2 million search results, Belmondo Boxers have claimed #2 AND #4 for the short-string search ‘boxer shorts’. Don’t believe the lies that ‘SEO is Dead’! Ahead of them is only Wikipedia’s description of boxer shorts, which is not a competitor and cannot be beaten. But gaining our clients 2 results on the first page of Google, despite massive competition from all Ausralian fashion companies, is our speciality which no other SEO company in Australia can match. Our next aspect of their campaign is to rank them top for the search ‘gifts for men‘ where they are currently at #28.

4 December 2012: Just 13 weeks into their SEO campaign with us, Bijin Hair & Beauty rank at #4 on Google for the search ‘wedding makeup artist sydney‘ – their ultimate search term. Now that their phones are ringing daily our next step is to shorten the searches and rank them higher for ‘wedding makeup sydney‘ where they’re presently #36 – and ‘wedding makeup artist‘ where they’re presently not seen in the first 15 pages.

27 November 2012: Aussie Farmstays have shot up to #2 for ‘bush tours‘ out of 31.6 million results – with 9,900 searches per month this is a great coup. Currently now we’re working on improving their #34 for ‘outback tours‘ as well as seeking to boost their Pinterest page which is engineered for ‘blue mountains tours’.

16 November 2012: New client The Counselling & Hypnosis Institute of Australia, just two weeks into their SEO campaign, go from “not seen first ten pages of Google” for all of their most crucial search terms, to an Offsite SEO article at #11 and their website at #18 for the search term ‘hypnosis training courses sydney’. Next targets are the shorter-string searches ‘hypnosis training’ just appeared at #53 and ‘hypnosis course’ just appeared at #50 – watch this space!

12 November 2012: NSW Writers Centre claims the top 2 Google rankings for ‘writers groups sydney’ out of 14.9 million search results. Next challenge is to improve their ranking for the short-string search ‘creative writing’ – not previously SEO-ed for this term – where they are presently #25 out of an imposing 155 million search results. But this is what we do so we’ll let you know when it ranks. Also sending links love for ‘writers festival sydney’.

5 November 2012: We begin SEO for a new client, Englewood Ridge, to rank them for the term ‘self-contained accommodation hunter valley‘ and at a later stage the shorter-string ‘accommodation hunter valley’.

2 November 2012: An adult entertainment project seeks rankings for such terms as phone sex as well as sexology and brothels melbourne as a starting point for a series of websites.

29 October 2012: Our client Farmstay Australia claim the #1 and #3 spots on Google for ‘Australian bush adventures‘. Today we’ve launched a new targeted site for them seeking to rank high for Blue Mountains tours where they are currently not seen first ten pages. Watch this space!

26 October 2012: We custom-built a new micro-site for Tomatis Method which has ranked next to their primary brand site so that they have the #1 and #2 rankings for ‘auditory processing disorder sydney’. Our next challenge is to rank this same site for the shorter-string search term ‘auditory processing disorder’ which shows 1.03 million search results.

25 October 2012: Our client Sentience Therapies ranks at #2 – the only website above them is Wikipedia – out of 14.9 million search results on Google – for the single-word term hypnotherapy. We’re now tackling the equivalent variations of hypnosis and hypnotherapist with some emphasis given to smoking hypnosis as this gets 5,400 local terms also.

22 October 2012: Our client NSW Writers Centre claims the #2 ranking for ‘writers workshops’ out of 55 million search results. Giving them the front seat on 720 local searches for this term per month. Fantastic result considering three months ago they were ‘not seen first ten pages’ for this crucial term.

15 October 2012: Our new client Belmondo Boxers, in just their third month, has ranked on the first page of Google for the highly competitive term ‘boxer shorts australia‘ out of 25.1 million results.

12 October 2012: The Health Arts College cracks another key search phrase as they rank at #1 on Google for the search ‘aromatherapy melbourne’, even organically outranking the Natural Therapy Pages who are normally unassailable – and ranking above all the Google Places results. Now we’re targeting the single search word ‘kinesiology’ where they’re currently at #25 out of 1.9 million results – as we say, if you need your company to get serious about SEO, watch this space!!

10 October 2012: New client Bijin Hair & Beauty, after just 3 weeks, ranks at #15 for ‘wedding make-up artist sydney‘ out of 2.07 million results.

8 October 2012: We began the journey of ranking Belmondo Boxers for the short-string ‘boxer shorts‘ – in a week they went to #24 out of 13.7 million, our goal is of course top 3 – watch this space over the coming months as we will achieve this.

5 October 2012: New client Belmondo Boxers begin the journey of ranking for ‘men’s underwear‘ out of 43.1 million results.

1 October 2012: Belmondo Boxers, at the start of their 3rd month with us, rank #17 for ‘men’s gift ideas‘ out of 31.8 million Google results.

26 September 2012: While their website is still in the beta phase, we begin the journey of ranking Atomic Digital Marketing for ‘digital marketing‘ where they will be up against 446 million Google results. Our target is six months & we will do it.

21 September 2012: The Health Arts College crack #1 on Google for the search ‘study aromatherapy adelaide’ … They’re also #3 nationally for ‘diploma of aromatherapy’. Next we’re targeting the single word search for ‘aromatherapy’.

20 September 2012: Our social media client Bondi Chai Latte cracks 1200 followers on Instagram after just 5 weeks.

19 September 2012: We launch a new site for a client looking to climb from nowhere on the rankings (‘not seen first ten pages)’ to the top of Google for ‘wedding make-up artist sydney‘. Give it a few months and we’ll have a very exciting update.

8 September 2012: We crack Atomic Social Media and its feeder sites #1, #4 and #7 for ‘social media training sydney‘ out of 11.3 million results.

24 August 2012: Sentience Therapies crack the #2 organic result for ‘hypnosis clinic sydney’. Next challenge is to rank them higher for the short single word search ‘hypnosis’.

22 August 2012: Our client The Health Arts College has cracked the #1 position on Google for ‘beauty therapy melbourne’. Now we’re chasing the ultimate prize for that course (it’s one of a dozen courses they’re dominating their industry for) the two-word phrase ‘beauty therapy’.

20 August 2012: Gynaecare not only crack the #1 organic result for ‘vasectomy sydney’ but a second site we built for them four months ago – with every aspect of Google principles included from its foundations up – is now #4 for the same search, giving them an industry-advantaged two rankings out of the first four.

16 August 2012: We’ve now ranked Atomic Social Media’s original site at #1 for ‘social media training‘ out of 111 million results. Next phase is assisting their new site to also rank first page for ‘social media training‘.

12 August 2012: Suddenly ranking at #1 for ‘corporate SEO sydney’ (out of 26.9 million results) is our new website with the next challenge to improve this sister site’s #10 ranking out of 129 million results for ‘corporate SEO‘.

31 July 2012: Aussie Bush Adventures just cracked #3 and #4 out of 744,000 search results for ‘mudgee food wine tour‘. Next challenge is to rank them for ‘blue mountains tours’ and ‘tours from sydney‘.

25 July 2012: Sydney CBD Hypnosis crack #1 on Google for the much-coveted phrase ‘hypnosis sydney’. Next challenge is to rank them for the single word ‘hypnosis’.

12 July 2012: Fashion retail display client EV Young – just 11 weeks into their SEO campaign – go from ‘not seen on the first ten Google pages’ to scoring 1st page rankings for both ‘fashion display’ (#7 out of 856 million results) and ‘retail display’ (#9 out of 260 million results). Today we added two more pages to their website so they can start to rank with two new products one for ‘boat windows’ aka ‘marine windows’ the other for ‘edge lit signs’.

2 July 2012: Our travel client Farmstays Australia ranks at both #1 and #2 for the search ‘australian bush adventures’ out of 11.4 million results and they have enjoyed, over the 9 months of their program so far, a quadrupling of traffic to their website. Next challenge is to target the massively competitive short-string phrases ‘outback travel‘ and ‘outback tours‘ to see if this boutique company can outrank the goliaths of the Australian travel industry as is typical for our clients.

26 June 2012: Our client Tomatis Method Australia have reported that enquiries from online sources now equate to 82% of their total enquiries as a direct result of our 2-year SEO program for them. Print media is down to just 3%(!), word of mouth is 15%, the rest is entirely from our SEO work. A new category we’re taking action on is the term auditory processing disorder – their main site is on the first page naturally enough but they’ve just invested in a new site which is not yet on the first ten pages of Google results. All we can say is … watch this space!

18 June 2012: Sydney CBD Hypnosis have started ranking at the absolute top of Google for a wide range of relevant terms eg #1 and #2 for ‘hypnosis for smoking sydney cbd’ and #2 for ‘best hypnotherapist sydney’ both of which are active search terms as seen in their WordPress Slimstats. After they recently also cracked #1 and #2 out of 2.2 million results for ‘fitness motivation sydney’, our next challenge is to improve their rankings for ‘motivation’, ‘motivation help’ – ‘motivation coaches’ – ‘motivation hypnosis’ and ‘motivation hypnotherapy’.

14 June 2012: Just six weeks into their SEO campaign with us, fashion retail display manufacturers EV Young crack tens-of-millions of Google rankings for their most crucial search terms. Eg #1 for ‘makeup stands’, #1 for ‘fragrance cabinets’, a #6 for ‘window display’ out of 40 million rankings, #8 for ‘acrylic display’ … and scores of other first-page rankings. In the coming month we’re targeting ‘point of sale displays’ (currently #14) and ‘visual merchandising’ (#8) to bring them up higher.

10 June 2012: Based on our unique SEO strategies, our client Gynaecare has a second page appear (at #6) next to their #5 ranking for ‘vasectomy sydney’ out of 409,000 search results. Part of our specialised skills is the ability to get 2 pages from the same website onto the first page of Google. Such is the success of their SEO work that they have launched a second website to further target the search term of ‘vasectomy sydney‘.

28 May 2012: Our new client NSW Writers Centre, after just 7 days, jumps from #45 to #6 for the search ‘writing classes’ out of 68.2 million results – a term searched locally 9,900 times per month. Also from ‘not seen first ten pages’ to #16 for ‘writing training course’ out of 81.1 million search results – & which has 4,400 local searches per month. Next challenges are high rankings for short-string terms such as writers courses, writers workshops, creative writing courses (not seen first ten pages) and business writing course.

18 May 2012: Our client Sydney CBD Hypnosis ranks #2 for ‘hypnosis sydney CBD’ plus #5 and #6 for ‘relationship counselling hypnotherapy’ – this search showing a massive 22.4 million results.

14 May 2012: Outpointing 19.5 million other rankings, Sydney Social Media Workshops rank #3 AND #4 for ‘social media training sydney‘. The ‘Offsite SEO’ article we published for them on the website ranks at #5, serving as the inbound links foundation for these outstanding double results.

9 May 2012: Our new client EV Young, after just five days, clocks in at #9 and #23 on Google for their crucial phrases ‘window displays sydney’ and ‘visual merchandising sydney’ after not being seen on the first ten pages the previous week. As that ranking improves, our next two challenges are to rank them on the first page for ‘window displays’ and ‘visual merchandising’ where currently they’re yet to rank for either of those highly competitive global terms.

7 May 2012: Above & Beyond Training, after just 5 weeks, rank #8 on Google out of a massive 124 million results for ‘investigation techniques training’, their most crucial search term.

5 May 2012: Above & Beyond Training rank #4 on Google for ‘incident investigation perth’ out of 790,000 results where on 1 May they were #42 and the week before that were not seen on the first ten pages.

2 May 2012: Our client Habitat Furniture ranks #5 on Google for ‘entertainment units sydney‘ and #2, #3, #4, #5, #7, #8 and #9 for ‘furniture store sydney inner west’ (the first three their website, the rest Offsite SEO articles about them). Next challenge is to radically improve their #41 ranking for ‘furniture sydney‘.

1 May 2012: In the very month they launched their natural therapy campus in Perth, we have already pre-ranked The Health Arts College’s website at #1 on Google out of 1.09 million results for the short-string search ‘aromatherapy perth’. They’re launching campuses based on the effectiveness of our SEO(!) – true story.

26 April 2012: In just his 3rd week of SEO with us, our new client Above & Beyond Training ranks at #3 on Google out of 3.45 million results for the crucial search-phrase ‘investigative techniques australia’. The next challenge we’re tackling is to get him to #1 for the short-string search ‘investigation training’, where 3 weeks ago he was not seen in the first 10 pages of results, now out of 189 million search results he’s already up to #25. Watch this space!

20 April 2012: After just one week of SEO our new client has cracked #11 and #17 for the search term ‘freight companies sydney’. Also moved from not being seen on the first 10 pages of Google up to #44 for the short-string phrase ‘freight companies’. The challenge these next few weeks is to get them higher for ‘transport companies’ where after just one week we got them to #20 out of a massive 419 million results. Watch this space!

19 April 2012: In a 3-article blitz with our client Sydney CBD Hypnosis we worked intensively together – the client produced three articles and we uploaded them to her website and SEO-ed them. Within just 2 hours of publishing we achieved the following: #2 on Google for ‘gambling addiction hypnotherapist sydney’; #1 for ‘social phobias hypnotherapist sydney’ and an outstanding #1, #2 and #3 for ‘frigidity hypnotherapist sydney’. All of the above anew article rankings achieved in just two hours thanks to us previously building the entire web system for this client so that their website has been optimised from conception.

12 April 2012: Australian Farmstays has jumped to #6 for ‘outback tours sydney‘ from #33. Also from #31 to #20 for ‘outback tours‘. And from #146 to #32 for ‘tours from sydney‘. And now targeting ‘blue mountains day tours‘ which has jumped from #65 to #11.

2 April 2012: Our client RH Phtotography cracks #1 and #2 for ‘wedding photographer sydney western suburbs’ out of 1.8 million results. We continue to push towards Ronnie’s ultimate goal, the first page on Google for ‘wedding photographer sydney’ where he was not seen on the first ten pages and is now at #25.

1 April 2012: Research is carried out for adult industry clientele about ranking for the term brothels sydney but escorts sydney is found to have the higher traffic, however a search for escorts in  Brisbane shows searches there are 50% higher than in Sydney – because Brisbane residents are bored perhaps, or is it the more tropical weather?

20 March 2012: Our fashion client Cherry Red cracks #1 on Google out of 1.8 million results for one of their most targeted terms, ‘party dresses sydney’, this small online retailer outpointing all the majors including Westfield, Net-a-Porter, My Catwalk, Katies, Birdsnest, True Local, Myer and David Jones.

19 March 2012: On 21 November last year, we brought our client Gynaecare into the first and second rankings for ‘womens health clinic sydney north shore’ out of over 1.4 million results. We have now added a third result for them so they are now #1, #2 and #3 for this location-targeted result.

16 March 2012: Out of 22.5 million results, our client Gynaecare, which was not showing in the first ten pages six months ago, climbs to #9 on Google for the search ‘womens health sydney’. On 21 November 2011 they were #55. One of our challenges for April is to move them up for the similar phrase ‘



13 March 2012: Out of 273 million international results, we rank our client Dr Peter Dingle #9 on Google for the search query “is meat bad for you?”.

12 March 2012: With their new website just 4 weeks old, our client Atomic Social Media climbs to #3 out of 4.88 million results for the search ‘social media workshops in sydney‘. with a feeder offsite SEO article on ranking at #2, thereby giving 2 out of the first 3 rankings.

9 March 2012: Our Twitter client Geoff Jowett of Bodytrim moves past 5000 followers.

6 March 2012: Our client Sentience Therapies climbs to #2 out of 6.9 million results for ‘relationship hypnotherapy’. Next challenge is to work on her rankings for ‘relationship counselling’ where there are 24.8 million results to get past. Watch this space!

1 March 2012: Multiple results are our specialty! A combination of Onsite and Offsite SEO has landed our client Tomatis Method for the search ‘sound therapy sydney’ in positions #1, #6, #7 and #9 out of 1.02 million results.

28 February 2012: We launch our client The Health Arts College on Pinterest.

26 February 2012: With Pinterest now being gamma-ray-hot, we’ve started offering training and/or Pinterest set-up for businesses. We launched a number of web pages across three websites which after just one week rank for the search phrase ‘pinterest training sydney’ at #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #8 and #10 out of 1.04 million results. Augmenting that search, two of the web pages rank at #3 and #4 for ‘pinterest for business training‘ and then the big challenge – watch this space – over the coming months is to get them ranking internationally for the short thread ‘pinterest for business‘. If you’d like us to set up Pinterest for you or your business, email

24 February 2012: A focus on gaining high rankings for our client Social Media Trainings in Sydney has now seen us rank for the phrase ‘facebook workshops sydney‘ in positions #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6 and #9 out of 14 million results.

22 February 2012: Out of 51.1 million results, we crack #1, #2 and #3 on Google for the search ‘social media managers sydney‘. Proof that our SEO programs outpoint all competitors not just with one ranking, but with three. And in fact, another three will be in place (rankings 4 to 6) by July this year.

16 February 2012: A fantastic surge all the way to #4 on Google for Australian Farmstays for the search ‘outback experience tour‘. In November 2011 they were not seen in the first 10 pages of Google results, after our first SEO session they appeared at #68, then #61, in December they sat at #52 then January held at #36 and suddenly in February they blasted up to #4. That’s out of 19.1 million results. Now we’re targeting the phrase ‘outback tours‘ for which they rank #31, ‘blue mountains day trips‘ which they’re not yet found having missed the keyword ‘trips’, and ‘tours from sydney‘ (not seen first ten pages).

10 February 2012: Sydney CBD Hypnosis, just three months after having their website SEOed by us, crack #1 on Google for the search ‘sydney hypnosis’ out of 2.42 million results. Next challenge is to high rank them for ‘quit smoking hypnosis sydney’ where they’re currently ranked #18. Watch this space!

8 February 2012: The Health Arts College ranks powerfully for the search ‘aromatherapy course adelaide’ – they have the first three results out of 542,000 results. Next challenge, even though they’ve just cracked #1 and #5 for ‘beauty therapy course melbourne’, is to push them up for the short-thread phrase ‘beauty therapy melbourne’.

6 February 2012: Our client Sentience Therapies cracks #1 on Google out of 2.44 million results for the search ‘sydney hypnosis’. Next challenge is to improve their #7 ranking for ‘hypnotherapist sydney’.

2 February 2012: Just three days old, our new site promoting our Social Media Workshops in Sydney arrives on the first page of Google despite competition from 4.26 million results.

18 January 2012: Habitat Furniture cracks #6 of organic rankings for ‘sydney furniture store‘. Considering the competition this small family-owned business has from large furniture chains, this is a strong result. On 22 November of last year they were ranking #22 for this search, so this is a bold improvement among 2.1 million search results.

3 January 2012: Our client The Health Arts College submits an open testimonial stating that the $1200 per month they’ve spent with us in the last 3 years now gives them an internet-based ROI of $500,000 per year (48% of total revenue).

To see this testimonial for yourself email Stewart Dawes

19 December 2011: In just the fourth week of his SEO program, we’ve got Sydney wedding photographer Ronny Hendriks ranking at #8 on Google for ‘wedding photographer sydney western suburbs’ (1.3 million results) as well as #13 for ‘wedding photographer parramatta’ (1.2 million results) and #14 for ‘wedding photographer hills district sydney’ (a massive 15 million results). Our great challenge continues to be ranking him as high as possible for ‘wedding photographers sydney’ where at the start of his campaign he was not in the first 15 pages. Watch this space!

16 December 2011: Date announced for our next Social Media for Business workshop

12 December 2011: The Health Arts College crack #1 out of 340,000 results for ‘aromatherapy course melbourne’. Next challenge is to improve their #4 for ‘aromatherapy course sydney’ even though they also have #5, #6 and #9 on the first page of Google for that search (out of 479,000 results).

8 December 2011: Fashionistas are well aware that to crack the first three rankings for the search ‘day dresses sydney’ would be impossible based on the competitiveness of the online fashon retail market. However even though our client Cherry Red has been with us only 6 months, we have landed them #1, #2 and #3 out of 2.13 million results for this search, among scores of other hot fashion keyphrases.

2 December 2011: After five weeks Aussie Bush Adventures have cracked #1 and #3 for “australian bush adventures” on Google out of 6.1 million results. Next challenge is to get them into the first ten pages for the massively competitive phrase “tours sydney australia” which returns 31.6 million results.

21 November 2011: Four-month-old client Gynaecare cracks #1 and #2 out of 2.01 million results for ‘womens health clinic sydney north shore‘. Next focus is to improve their #55 ranking for ‘

womens health clinic sydney

‘. Watch this space!

18 November 2011: New client Farmstay Australia after just two SEO sessions, improved from #16 to #7 for ‘mudgee food & wine‘. Next challenge is to improve them from #89 for ‘outback tours australia‘.

14 November 2011: Fashion client Cherry Red cracks #2 and #3 out of 3.68 million results for ‘buy designer handbag sydney’. The next phase is narrowing all varied searches towards the shortest-thread search to improve their #21 ranking for ‘designer handbags’.

3 November 2011: Our client Habitat Furniture has climbed to #1 on Google for “sydney furniture warehouse” out of 8.2 million results! In achieving this they have outpointed every massive furniture chain in Australia. Our next focus for this client is to advance their ranking for the search Sydney Furniture Store where they are presently #22.

2 November 2011: We launched a series of Social Media workshops for UTS (Sydney University of Technology) students which are fully attended by members of UTS Build.

25 October 2011: To promote the social media management we provide to a range of clients, we SEO-ed six pages, on 3 websites including our own, for the search phrase ‘twitter experts sydney‘. Out of 13.6 million results, our pages rank from #1 to #6. They include our Google authorised high-traffic websites Freshmag and Sydney Cafes, upon which we feature many articles for our SEO clients.

17 October 2011: In the fourth week of their campaign, Gynaecare rank #1 & #2 for ‘menstrual problems sydney‘ out of 4.4 million results.

13 October 2011: Fashion client Cherry Red goes to #1 out of 8.4 million results for “style advice sydney”.

3 October 2011: New client Gynaecare – in just seven days – goes from #98 on Google for “colposcopy sydney north shore” to #1.

16 September 2011: Our client Tints of Nature cracks #1 on Google out of 3.17 million results for “organic hair colour”.

12 September 2011: Our client Ontrack Retreats ranks #2 and #3 on Google for “weight loss retreat sydney” out of 826,000 results.

9 September 2011: Our fashion client Cherry Red scores #3 on Google out of 2.1 million results for “race day fashions sydney”. Our next challenge (as always, watch this space) is to crack a high ranking for the term “designer dresses australia” as well as a global result for “womens fashion online shopping”.

7 September 2011: The Health Arts College rank #4 on Google out of 64 million results  for “nutrition courses australia”.

6 September 2011: Sentience Therapies is now #3 on Google for “hypnotherapist sydney” out of 263,000 results. Next challenge is to improve their #9 ranking for “hypnosis sydney” out of 2.4 million results, nothing less than top 5 is what we strive for.

1 September 2011: New client Outback Solar Solutions ranks #10 after just one week for their target keyphrase “solar energy rebate adelaide”.

16 August 2011: Our client Habitat Furniture Warehouse, with a page SEO-ed only a month ago, cracks #8 in a very competitive area, the search “buy a coffee table sydney“. Our next party trick is to push them higher for “coffee tables sydney” than their current #15 ranking, though they do have, via some powerful ‘Offsite SEO’ articles, #1, #2, #3 and #6 for the search “coffee tables sydney inner west” (the part of Sydney where coffee tables reign supreme).

12 August 2011: New client doing Wedding Make Up in Sydney has two new ‘Offsite SEO’ pages created by us in the last two days, the second one is optimised for Wedding Make-up Artists Sydney. And so we watch this space … for a week or two while the rankings rise.

2 August 2011: Our fashion client Cherry Red has cracked #2 for Day Dresses Australia out of a massive 21.4 million results! Achieved after just 3 weeks – even we’re stunned at our achievement in a highly competitive industry. Coupling with that is dramatic city-by-city rankings eg for “day dresses sydney” they are both #1 and #2 out of 2.12 million results.

29 July: One of our UK clients, MAXX Design, now ranks #1 and #2 on Google for “digital designers berkshire” (the first an offsite article we placed for the client on our high-traffic Fresh website) and #2 for “graphic designers berkshire”, which are their most crucial search phrases. We’re now pushing their SEO campaign towards their ultimate goal: ranking very high for  “graphic designers london”.

26 July 2011: Our client Tomatis Method cracks #1, #2 and #3 out of 1.7 million results for “learning difficulties treatments sydney”. They also crack #1, #2, #3, #5 and #7 for “sound therapy training sydney” out of 570,000 results.

18 July 2011: Out of 10.5 million results, we crack #1, #3 and #4 on Google for the search “facebook workshops sydney” for our forthcoming social media workshops – using our Google-premium websites and …

14 July 2011: Sentience Therapies surges to #2 via their Google Places listing out of 297,000 results for “hypnotherapist sydney”. Now setting our sights on competitive terms like “hypnosis sydney” and looking to boost their #11 result for “hypnotherapy for weight loss in sydney”.

7 July 2011: We crack #2, #3, #8 and #9 out of 11.2 million results for “facebook workshops sydney” using onsite and offsite SEO. Our next challenge is to improve the #13 position for the article about “social media training sydney“. Watch this space.

4 July 2011: Our fashion client Cherry Red ranks #1 on Google for “womens 30-plus fashion” out of a whopping 36 million results. Today we created a new page for them which has as its goal ranking highly for “day dresses australia”. Watch that space.

28 June 2011: Tomatis Method’s new website So Listen ranks #9 and #10 for “psychologists sydney” while we pursue higher rankings their older site for “sydney psychologists”.

24 June 2011: Lifetime Dynamics ranks brilliantly at #2 on Google for “sales workshops sydney” out of 3.4 million results. Now aiming to crack them even higher for “sales courses sydney” (currently #6) and also crack them for their new (second) page on “sales workshops sydney” and “sales training sydney” (currently #22 – watch this space).

22 June 2011: The Health Arts College have suddenly cracked #4 & #5 on Google for their new course in “reflexology training melbourne” – next challenge is to get them above #9 for “reflexology courses melbourne”.

21 June 2011: Worldpartea ranks #1, #2, #7, and #8 for “organic tea suppliers sydney” – their site but also the use of offsite SEO on and – they reported today a $3000 order from this result.

20 June 2011: A new page we created cracks #2 on Google – out of 33.1 million results – for “facebook for business courses sydney“. We’ve now created a second page which we’re SEOing for “facebook for business workshops sydney” – watch this space for an update on how it’s ranking in a couple of weeks.

16 June 2011: The Tomatis Method have a mass of first page Google results for “sound therapists sydney”: #1, #2, #5 (offsite article), #7 (music therapy for babies video), and #8 (their second website SoListen).

15 June 2011: The Health Arts College now crack #1 for “aromatherapy courses melbourne” out of 639,000 results – nothing better than Number 1!!

14 June 2011: Moisturecure cracks the moist, dank and mouldy market in Tasmania with a #2, #3 and #4 for “buy dehumidifier tasmania” to go with their multitudes of other stellar rankings. Eg they already have #1, #2 and #3 for “home dehumidifiers sydney”.

9 June 2011: Cherry Red grab #5 out of 15 million results for “womens fashion nsw” while from today we begin driving high-traffic inbound links to their page optimised for “evening gowns australia”.

8 June 2011: Portfolios Property arrive at #1 for “property portfolios” out of 5.16 million results. Next challenge is to rank them first page in the competitive realm of “property investment australia” beginning with new articles about “newcastle nsw property investment” and “property investment in australia” to name a couple.

7 June 2011: Habitat Furniture claim #1, #2 and #3 for “coffee tables sydney inner west” with next strategy the publishing of coffee tables article on to boost their ranking for the short phrase “coffee tables sydney“.

6 June 2011: The Health Arts College rank #1, #2, #3, #4, #6 and #7 for “study aromatherapy sydney” out of 798,000 results. Next challenge for them is to rank first page for “beauty therapy courses melbourne”.

3 June 2011: Teeccino smashes the market ranking #1, #2 and #3 out of 5.54 million results for “caffeine free herbal coffee”. Next challenge is to improve their shopping cart page for “herbal coffee” even though their info site is already #1 for that short-string phrase.

3 June 2011: Udo’s Oils lands #1, #4 and #5 for “omega 3 fatty acids sydney” out of 523,000 results. Our next target is to crack them for “organic flaxseed oil“.

2 June 2011: The Health Arts College rank #3, #4, #6 and #7 for “kinesiology course melbourne” with Freshmag offsite articles giving them the bottom two of four results. Watch this space as we juice them up for “kinesiology courses sydney”.

1 June 2011: Cherry Red, which landed #1 for “womens fashion mudgee” on 25 May, has now, for the same search, grabbed #1, #2 and #6 (3 results). More excitement coming as we optimise them for “womens fashion sydney” and “womens fashion online shopping australia”.

31 May 2011: Tomatis Method now #2 on Google out of 1.38 million results for “alternative ADHD specialists sydney”.

30 May 2011: Sentience Therapies now ranks #5 for “hypnotherapist sydney” out of 180,000 results.

28 May 2011: In just 16 hours Worldpartea score #1 & #2 out of 3.93 million results for “best teas for colds sydney” using the “Offsite SEO” article power of our website.

27 May 2011: Worldpartea score #5 and #16 for “where to buy green tea in sydney” out of 3.1 million results.

27 May 2011: Tomatis Method climbs to #1, #2, #3, #5 (Youtube video) & #7 (offsite SEO article) for the search “auditory processing disorder treatments sydney”.

26 May 2011: Lifetime Dynamics achieve #1, #5 and #10 out of 264,000 Google results for “sales coaching sydney”.

25 May 2011: Just two weeks into their campaign, Cherry Red score #1 on Google for “women’s fashion mudgee” out of 754,000 results. Watch this space – many more highlights to come!

25 May 2011: Ontrack Retreats score four places in the top 20 (out of 614,000 results) for “weight loss retreats australia”: #6, #9, #18 & #19.

23 May 2011: The Health Arts College reaches 3,350 followers on Twitter.

20 May 2011: Teeccino lands #1 and #3 on Google out of 3.57 million results for the search “herbal coffee“.

19 May 2011: Tomatis Method gains #1, #4, #7 & #9 out of 3.25 million results for “sound therapists sydney” plus two video results on the first page – and appear in Google Places results. A total of seven results on page 1 of Google.

17 May 2011: Habitat Furniture move to #1 on Google out of 2.35 million results for “childrens bookcases sydney“.

14 May 2011: To Health By Choice score #1, #2, #3 and #4 on Google – using ‘offsite SEO’ high traffic websites and for “juicing machines sydney”.

11 May 2011: Habitat Furniture rank #2 and #3 (2 results) out of 312,000 results for “childrens toy boxes sydney“.

9 May 2011: The Health Arts College rank #1 out of 428,000 for “aromatherapy courses melbourne”.

9 May 2011: Habitat Furniture rank #1, #2, #3 and #4 on Google out of 428,000 for “childrens furniture sydney inner west“.

8 May 2011: Moisturecure rank #4 out of 4.35 million results for “dehumidifiers”.

6 May 2011: We’re interviewed for online magazine 3rd Degree about “The Future of the Internet“.

5 May 2011: Habitat Furniture rank #1 and #5 out of 10.7 million results for “childrens study desks sydney“.

4 May 2011: The @sydneycafes twitter account tops 6,000 followers.

4 May 2011: Mac Manager gets Google spots #1, #2, #3, #4 and #5 out of 1.98 million results for the search “mac technician sydney” using their site for the first 2 results & then offsite articles about them on Freshmag for the other 3 results.

3 May 2011: our Freshmag article on Sex in Sydney ranks #1 for “sydney sex” out of 57.3 million results.

2 May 2011: The Sydneycafes website ranks #1, #2 and #3 out of 5.4 million results for “sydney cafes“.

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“Since implementing your SEO methods, internet leads bring in 26% of my business.” – Stuart Snow, director of Mac Manager, Sydney Australia.

“I now have the highest-regarded Sydney and Melbourne restaurants and cafes emailing or calling me saying “we have to order your tea – your profile is everywhere on the web”. Brilliant work by SEOtherapy and even brings me tea customers from as far away as San Francisco.” – Kerrie McMahon director of World ParTea Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia.

“Within weeks the people at SEOtherapy got us to the top of Google’s first page for a range of absolutely crucial terms such as “kinesiology courses in Sydney”, “aromatherapy courses in Melbourne” and “remedial massage courses in Adelaide”. We’re still an ongoing monthly client of SEOtherapy and have no wish to change this as they keep opening up new audiences for us.” – Brian Knight, director of The Health Arts College, Melbourne Australia.

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