It is a salient fact, well worth considering, that many business people do not understand how the internet works. Human beings have a wonderful facility for utilising technologies that they do not properly comprehend. How many people reading this, actually, understood how music was captured onto LP vinyl records or on tape? How many of us really grasp the workings of a motor vehicle or a mobile phone? Technical things bore us, unless we are dependent upon that knowledge for our living. What is SEO article writing? Why do we need to do it? How does it benefit our websites?

What Does SEO Mean?

These questions remain paramount to the understanding of how search engine optimisation (SEO) actually functions. I have always been amazed at how people become familiar with an acronym, using it themselves but not really grasping the meaning contained within those three little letters. Think about those three words now. Search – people are using their computers and devices to search for particular good and services. They employ specific keywords in their searches and the Google algorithm uses those keywords to rank your website in terms of how you satisfy that search for those keywords. Engine – this all happens automatically via digital procedures defined by algorithms. Optimisation- means making the content/text on the pages of your website perfect for Google to find and rank your page for that keyword search.

Why Do I Need SEO Article Writing?

What is SEO article writing? It is having the pages and posts on your website created specifically with those keywords in mind. We can write onsite and offsite to increase your page ranking for particular keywords, which are relevant for the products or services that your business deals in. SEO is a science of sorts. It is a mathematical equation at best. It can be a mystery at times but we do all in our knowledge and power to lessen those moments. SEO is not a static field, it changes and evolves, as the search engines, like Google and Bing, refine their algorithms to optimise their search results for their end users.

Websites What Are They?

Many people remain in the dark around the purpose of their digital marketing. They think that their website is an electronic brochure and they do not comprehend the multilayered levels of its capabilities for marketing. Quality content is paramount to your website’s performance. The content needs to be authoritative, in that it answers your site’s viewer’s questions. The articles posted must be well written, with no typos, spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Google ranks and respects quality information containing the necessary keywords for the end user’s search.