Medicine and healing have been great users of technology since their advent. For example, think of acupuncture needles, which transitioned from bone and bamboo in the Neolithic era to bronze, copper, silver, gold and iron during these later metallic ages. Today, we have disposable single use needles for acupuncture and injections more generally. More recently, and made famous in the movies, is the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) for mental illnesses like severe depression and psychosis. Electronic medical equipment, medical devices and electronics: Ideas for key phrases that can reap gold in SEO terms. Getting a handle on the lingo can pay benefits for your search and content marketing and shock a few folks along the way with its effectiveness.


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Health professionals promoting their advanced electronics with social media marketing can reach new customers easily and effectively. The world is enraptured by high-tech electronics in all its forms and guises. It makes sense to cash in on this ready-made market in any way that you can. Why miss out on all the fun, when it is available at the touch of a screen or push of a button? Health has always incorporated technology into its remit whenever and wherever possible.


Think of optics and the use of magnifying glasses in medicine and health. Surgeons are using these devices to perform incredibly fine work in the human eye and brain. Microscopes provide the tool for biological research and study. The stethoscope is another invention, which allowed doctors to listen to the heart. Modern hospitals are billion-dollar homes to complex machinery that do amazing things to perceive the health status of human beings without having to cut them up post-mortem. X-rays and electrocardiograms provide incisive information that saves lives every day. Dialysis machines were first constructed from washing machine parts and tin cans in the Netherlands during WW2. Electronic medical equipment is the key phrase to unlock a cornucopia of opportunities in many directions.