Ah those French. Even if their Eiffels are made from cardboard, we still love them.

In fact I want one of those cardboard Eiffels.

The above photo I snapped “yesterday” at the Fine Food Expo.

It reminded me of how only the weekend before, I took my 3-year-old son Jett to the Eiffel Tower website, where we printed out some puzzle images that we were able to put together into a little paper Eiffel Tower – it’s still there, sticky-taped to the bathroom wall, next to the toilette.

The following weekend, as we drove past a church, Jett noticed the steeple and suddenly exclaimed, “Dad, look: the Eiffel Tower!!!”.

How cute is that? If you don’t think that’s cute, you’re already dead-to-cute. Your cuteness does not have a pulse.

Anyway, at the Fine Food Expo, I stumbled across this Taste-of-Francoise stall. The reason I say that, is that my friend who happened to be visiting that stall, is Francoise whose business is the Tomatis Method Australia – a holistic methodology that France’s greatest actor, Gerard Depardieu, endorses.

I commented that I wanted one of those cardboard Eiffel Towers, as I think Jett would LOVE it … but no-one was listening. Which is ironic, considering that the Tomatis Method is all about training the auditory system. Maybe Francoise should talk to the people on the stand about training their ears … but they probably won’t listen to her either.

But they were lovely people, truly!! I love the French …

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