Google+ Optmization SEO

Some info about Google+ from Graeme Callingwood that I decided to share … it’s unedited as I’m in a rush – hopefully for people’s benefit:

“Lets consider what happens when someone presses your Google+ button on your site or on your AdWords ad:

First, all of their friends who are in their gmail account will be sent a notification recommending your site and service to them.

This will also extend to Facebook and Twitter as Google+ will invite them to join. So instant and FREE advertising for your web site to hundreds of people.

But there is more!

Now anytime one them is looking for a product or service on Google and see your AdWords ad or natural search listing, Google will put a notification next to your site or Ad saying
“Jenny Smith (or whatever their friends name is) recommends this site to you”

Imagine, you will get a personal recommendation from someone they know to use your service and it will make your AdWords ad or site stand out from your competition!

All of that has to be good for your business! and what’s more its FREE!

It will also greatly affect your page ranking on Google because the more people press on your Google+ button the higher your sites relevancy will be viewed. They will become more important than inbound links.

So for all of these reasons you are going to want as many people as possible to press your Google+ button!

I already have several marketing strategies prepared to encourage people to press your Google+ button. I will send these to you in due course.

In conclusion Google+ is going to be huge and your advantage is that you will be amongst the first to use it properly and to integrate it into your AdWords campaigns, Re marketing ect…. and REALLY benefit from it!

Putting you way ahead of your competition!”