Green industry SEO

Green businesses still need to reach their markets and digital is the cleanest and most efficient means of doing that. Green industry SEO…

Green has not gone away it is just a touch on the nose with the media at the moment. Consumers are still pumped to buy green wherever possible and do their bit for the environment. The worldwide media bought heavily into global warming and when the news cycle turned from potential cataclysmic disaster to the economy they lost interest. The Australian government under Abbott pulled a lot of funding out of solar and other green subsidies; and put global warming on the back burner. The green industry is still there and the need to meet clean energy targets has not gone away; despite government and media ennui.

Green businesses still need to reach their markets and digital is the cleanest and most efficient means of doing that. Green industry SEO: search engine optimisation for environment companies has never been more important. ACM Group are one digital presence still flying the flag for the environment. If environmental concerns are not getting that helping hand from the media to sit centre stage in the public’s attention then SEO becomes even more vital. Much of the consumer push for green things is due to the economic savings that they also deliver. Solar hot water systems and heat pumps save consumers money on their energy bills, in addition to reducing the need for coal fired power station energy.

Green Industry SEO: Search Engine Optimisation for Environment Companies

There are still some state government incentive and subsidy schemes running to encourage more use of solar power and other alternative energy sources. There are electricity feed-in tariffs in QLD, SA, VIC, NT, ACT, WA and NSW for consumers who generate excess electricity on the grid through solar, wind or hydro. There are renewable power incentives for those who install devices in their homes. Australia is now one of the largest users of solar power in the world for residential homes.

Consumers are economically incentivised to invest in alternative energy sources for their homes and businesses. Companies in the pest control business are also advertising eco-friendly pest control in a bid to appeal to green concerns for the toxicity within our urban environment. Keywords like eco-friendly, environmentally sensitive and organic are in constant use to help generate sales for these businesses and their products. Consumers want healthy things around themselves and their families; they do not want to put up with dangerous substances in their immediate environments. Green has never gone away it is chugging along nicely in the digital realm; attracting consumers each and every day.