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SEOtherapy SEO account manager George Hartley writes about the importance of Inbound Links in SEO from Brisbane, Australia …

Australian business owners, when it comes to SEO, for the most part live at times in the dark ages.

Used to being big fish in a small pond, most of them long since became smug or downright arrogant, and if they did well in business despite their failings, they simply kept on doing the same things.

However, a handful of them sniffed the wind and woke up to the fact that $10K a month spent online is now far better than $20K a month spent on magazine advertising.

And yet, arrogant or innocent, Australian business owners are unwittingly becoming the victims of SEO sharks.

About 15 years ago when working as a magazine writer and photographer, I became aware of the adage that a career in photography was “the last refuge of a scoundrel”.

That concept stuck as I couldn’t help but see it ring true in the photographers I knew – and looking back, I was rapidly in the business of becoming a scoundrel myself.

A couple of years later I heard it declared that another “refuge of the scoundrel” career had been identified – teaching English overseas!

Well, tonight I’d like to complete the holy trinity of scoundrel refuges – it is, predictably enough, a career in SEO.

And here in 5-years-behind-the-rest-of-the-world Australia, it is being writ large.

Even the smallest business owners are coughing up $1,000 a month on 12-month contracts and after the first couple of months, the SEO companies taking their money are doing very little for it.

For a start, those companies’ efforts in the all-important area of “off-site SEO” will often be negligible, and as for the companies who are claiming to be onto it, they’ll fob their clients off by getting their articles very low-grade so-called “articles” on low-traffic blog pages that are a complete joke.

The irony is, the egg is on Australian business owners’ faces, but they can’s see it.

For a start, the top-league SEO experts in the USA & UK will tell you that offsite SEO should be 70% of any SEO campaign.

However even more crucially, the only genuinely effective long-term offsite SEO is to get articles published on high-traffic websites – and to ensure those articles link multiple times, and according to an absolute water-tight scientific formula, which naturally enough I won’t be recounting here.

Of course for 99.9% of SEO companies, access to high-traffic long-life media websites is not something they have, or ever will have.

That folks is our core difference, as our company started out publishing 2 media / magazine-style websites, which have been going for a combined total of 20 years.

When articles appear on these websites, they shoot up to the absolute top of Google within days. Not within weeks or within months. Testimonials available to genuine clients.

Here’s links to some of the articles we’ve written for “offsite SEO” Purposes:

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