STEWART DAWES writes about how business people can become successful on twitter while keeping their heads permanently buried in the sand …

It’s a fact that the phrase “so-called social media experts” has become daily jargon on the pages of “old media” newspapers around the Western world.

Some articles lampoon the phenomenon (usually through fear of this new decentralised media) – while others write in reverent tones.

Both angles are right – and wrong – that’s why both can be molded into coherent and persuasive articles.

On the one hand, every second life coach has recently reinvented him or herself as a “social media guru” – which is understandable as there are too many life coaches already.

Yet on the other hand, after one solid year hooked on twitter, I continue to marvel at the critical mass of geniuses (from all walks of life) and industry leaders who are constantly active – clearly enjoying the immediacy of Twitter. I’ve also noticed a new trend – as savvy types increasingly apply a Twitter mentality to Facebook, turning Facebook into a networking tool that few would have dared to do even twelve months ago.

Still many business owners procrastinate, believing they’re going to do Twitter in-house “one day”, while quietly hoping it’s all just a phase and they may never have to spend a single cent on it.

The reverse is far, far closer to the truth – and late-adopting business people continue to wake in fright at the prospect that they’re absolute beginners in what’s turned out to be an extraordinary community phenomenon.

Where do they begin? How do they begin? With a business name or a personal name? These are just three of the few hundred questions they’ll have to answer before even getting started.

That’s why I decided to develop a unique 12-month “social media solution” that even a very small business can afford.

This professional program will do one of two things:

1. Enable a business owner to entirely wash her/his hands of any fear surrounding social media. And if they wish, they can wash their hands of even having to do it at all. Twitter, Facebook, Linked In etc are ethically and yet dynamically managed – and significantly developed.

2. Alternately, for a business person prone to seeing the light and getting involved, the program can be run as a training system for the business owner and/or her/his clients.

Blissful ignorance – or fast-tracked empowerment. Or anywhere in between. I now have a range of clients enjoying the ride – I’m loving it too.

There’s much to say about this program – but it’s for the eyes and ears of genuine enquiries only. That’s how business works best – by finding the fastest path to the cutting edge of the market. And then staying there, smiting all comers.

I’d love to take your business there. Join me.

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