Today and one day last week I’ve been doing search engine optimisation for Mac Manager, a company which specialises in helping people with Mac problems in the greater Sydney metropolitan area by arriving on-site in the Mac owners’ homes or offices to fix the problem.

Mac Manager already rated very high on Google for phrases such as “Mac repairs Sydney” and Mac technician Sydney” but rating high is not necessarily a good reason to rest on your laurels. The directors of Mac Manager are (fortunately for me) bright enough to know that maybe they hadn’t covered every single useful search phrase that relates to their business.

Indeed just simply adding an “s” to the word “technician” when searching for “Mac technicians Sydney” dropped them down to #13 on Google where their About Us page shows up rather than their home-page or the page that itemises their services and costs.

Also you have to wonder about what people type into Google in a Mac-created crisis. Do people retain their high-brow edge, or do they type in something like “fix my Mac Sydney”?

The result was two days of fine-tuning (rather than the wholesale SEOing most of my clients require), but the main addition to the website’s SEO was not on the website itself, but rather the creation of two articles which link in heavily to the Mac Manager website.

These articles are:

Apple Mac Technicians in Sydney

Mac Repairs in Sydney

… Other interesting pages on the Mac Manager site which were sharpened are the Helpful Hints for Mac Userspage and the page on Mac memory and hard drive upgrades.

Additional services that Mac Manager want to rate higher for is Mac training and tuition in Sydney even being as specific as considering creating pages about, for example, iMovie training / tuition in the Sydney metropolitan area.

Plans were also implemented for new pages such as Mac Data Recovery in Sydney and also a more in-depth guide to places that the Mac technicians can visit such as Hornsby, Baulkham Hills, North Ryde, Surry Hills, Parramatta, Penrith and even Springwood.

It was great fun working in Mac Manager’s office, we drank fab coffee together and had pancakes for lunch. While many of my SEO clients are interstate, I relish the opportunity to work face-to-face with Sydney clients to brainstorm and work in flow together.

What was also great is that Mac Manager’s new SEO-influenced results happened within 1 day of our 2nd session, and so their director Stuart Snow provided this testimonial:

“I’m stoked about “mac repairs sydney” getting #1 up from #7….. that’s incredible!  That group of 3 keywords is my absolutely MOST important one out of ALL of them.  And this is on! gets me the top TWO spots!  Even slight variations such as mac repair sydney, apple mac repairs sydney, apple repairs sydney, repair mac sydney, and so on I come up either second, or in most cases first on!  I was coming up well the other day, but this is superb now. It’s only been 24 hours!  I thought you were good, but daymm! Thanks again for all your work … I can see it’s going to be worth every dollar.”

To contact Mac Manager directly call 1300 650 126 or email info <at>

And for my SEO services ring 0413 276 780 or email media <at>

All the best for 2010,

– Stewart Dawes.

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