How Twitter will help you Navigate the Unfathomable Depths of Humanity & Its Modern Marketing Mindset


Today we added a Twitter Widget into many pages of our website, including the right-hand column of the home-page – that right-hand placement is about as strong a statement of intent as you can get.

That seemed good going considering I only joined Twitter two days ago: our Twitter profile is

But why not? Check it out – it adds such immediacy to the page – and of course each Tweet refers to links back to our website. Through the website we were able to see that 1 tweet attracted eight click throughs in its first 30 seconds. I was dancing in the lounge – for a few seconds anyway … until someone leveled me out with a disparaging comment.

We also placed it in other prime spots like the Cafe News page etc etc

Sadly I couldn’t work out how to upload it in all its living moving glory here, so we’re stuck with the frozen version above :-(

However the benefit of placing this Twitter Widget all over our Sydneycafes website is that it will automatically get seen by our 1000+ daily unique users – so this widget has a potent monopoly on our pages. So that’s why we particularly like Twitter at the moment, after all of two days of being on it.

More About Twitter

As one SEO blogger, Dustin Williams states:

Twitter can be used to post quick announcements relating to products or services that you offer to people who may become potential customers or clients. It is this marketing opportunity that is drawing many businesses to Twitter. Unfortunately spammers are catching on to this and Twitter is drawing many spammers posting scams and get rich quick schemes on Twitter.

He goes on to say:

have noticed a pattern that spammers have been using on twitter. Here are some to watch out for…

  • They use the name of someone who is well known and just add an underscore to the front or end of the name. Some examples are _randfish or bhartzer_.
  • They have only one tweet and it is always about their scheme that they want you to check out.
  • They have a very brief, non-descriptive biography or no biography.
  • They will be following close to 2,000 people while having very few followers.

Another page worth reading, Stop Twitter Spam, in part says:

To make sure you’re not spamming folks, we also suggest you avoid the following:

  • Posting duplicate updates to an account: Posting the same update over and over throughout the day is considered spammy and a possible violation of our terms of service.
  • Cross-posting duplicate updates to multiple accounts: If you post the same update to multiple accounts, you could violate our terms of service.
  • Following churn: Following and unfollowing the same people repeatedly, as well as following and unfollowing those who don’t follow back, are both violations of our terms of service.

Tip: Think you’ve encountered a spammer? Let us know, and we’ll look into the account. You can alert us to spam profiles by sending a direct message to @spam! In addition, you can block the spammer by heading to their account page, and on the right side, clicking the block link (they won’t know you’ve blocked them).

In other news we added a new page to our site today:

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