The Health Arts College by SEO Hong Kong

Getting the First 6 Results on Google – we prove it’s still Possible!

Our association with The Health Arts College based in Melbourne, but now extending to other Australian cities and even Hong Kong spans over 2 years.

In 2011 they’re launching campuses in Adelaide and Perth, but thanks to the power of the SEO we’ve done for them, they already have their SEO-ed websites actively marketing them into Sydney, Brisbane and even Hong Kong with hundreds of visitors to those sites daily.

Their 5 main areas of specialty are aromatherapy, remedial massage, kinesiology, beauty therapy and reflexology.

By using ‘secondary pages’ on our exclusive-use high traffic media website, as well as capitalising on the SEO potential of their 6 city based websites, we were delighted to see searches such as ‘Kinesiology Courses Hong Kong’ now bring them into the top 6 positions on Google for that search! (see the purple links on the below image).

Links 4 and 5 lead to articles we wrote and published on our high traffic media website eg check out one of the articles here

Kinesiology courses hong kong

One of the key aspects of successful SEO that isn’t always fully realised is you don’t want to appear for one set of search terms, you want to appear for as many as possible!

‘Kinesiology Courses Hong Kong’ is all well and good, but what about other equally popular search terms? Luckily here at SEOtherapy team we take a holistic view of our work and attempt to make your website as visible as possible for every keyphrase of it’s chosen field.

It’s simple really, the more search terms you appear for relating to your industry, the more people will be looking at you and the more effective your marketing will be.

In the picture below you can see we’ve secured the top 5 positions on a google search for ‘Aromatherapy Courses Hong Kong’.

Yes, SEOTherapy has struck again with not just a top 5 ranking, but all of the top 5 rankings!

You can’t get much better results from your SEO than what we’ve been providing to our clients now can you?

Well, actually you can! Using some of our extremely secretive SEO techniques (which are all 100% white hat – it’s just we invented them) Google itself is starting to give our clients some very nice free advertising, eg go to a google search at the top of your page or from their website


Simply typing the phrase ‘Health Arts’ will start giving you suggestions on what you might be looking for. ‘Health Arts College’ appears as the 4th possible choice of things you may choose to search for.

Following this Google prompt our client The Health Arts College appears in the top 10 results on Google….


Yes, we are brilliant over here at SEOTherapy, thanks for noticing
We treat SEO as a blood sport – fueled by coffee and a passion for assisting our clients, most of whom are small to medium-sized businesses that we genuinely want to help, we keep our best techniques exclusive between ourselves and our clients. While telling you the blistering results so that you know where to climb on-board when you’re ready to sail the good ship SEO.

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