It’s time to understand something pretty simple about SEO and SEO services, which can be summed up in the following “Did You Know”:

Did you know a chicken with red earlobes will produce brown eggs, and a chicken with white earlobes will produce white eggs?

The first SEO lesson from this statement is:

If you need eggs, you’ll buy them at the supermarket. So being Number 1 on Google for “chook eggs Sydney” is not going to bring you any customers.

Do you have a business that relies on shop placement? Or do you have something which needs to sell via online? Even if I have a potential client wanting to give me a lot of money for SEO work, if I’m convinced that people won’t buy their products via the internet then I simply won’t take the job on.

The second lesson from this chicken and egg statement is:

If eggs are SEO, do you always grab the first most prominent pack of dozen eggs on the shelf?

Usually these ones have the most recent use-by date.

I must admit I prefer to grab eggs, dairy, meat etc from the back.

The same very much applies when trying to choose an SEO company.

Google is a deeply conservative search engine, and I have created many results which I’ve got to number 1 on Google that have stayed there for ten years.

What this means is that, unlike other industries where companies may only have applied SEO recently, almost all of the SEO companies charting well on Google are there because they’ve been there almost forever.

What do you get from a company which is complacently occupying a position and cannot be knocked off its perch by a competitor?

How easy to contact was Telstra when it had the monopoly – or even the duopoly? Then we had Optus and standards improved, and so it went on. Phone companies can still be nightmares, but they’re all delivering a lot more than they used to.

This is the diabolical reality of most of Australia’s highest profile SEO services failing to grasp or bother with the crucial concept of “off-site SEO”. And those that do claim to apply it, do it embarrassingly badly.

But the thing is, their poor clients will never know!

Without doubt one of the most powerful ways to massively boost your website is to have fully targeted, relevant inbound links from articles on high-traffic websites – such as we have at our disposal.

Eg you’ll see the batch of articles below are all SEO-initiated articles and each of them links 30 or 40 times to our clients’ websites.

However this approach would not be successful if not for the high-traffic weighting Google gives to our two long-life media websites which have been going for a combined total of 20 years.

Blogs that try the same ‘inbound link’ technique simply don’t cut it.

Here’s just some of the articles we have online which generate a lot of traffic in their own right, and then feed that traffic – and Google’s eyes – upon our clients’ sites:
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