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We’ve just updated out Testimonials page – if you’re serious about getting SEO done, I suggest you check it out even just for 3 minutes. Could be the most worthwhile 3 minutes of your business year :-)

Another update – here’s links to some of the articles we’ve written for “offsite SEO” Purposes:

What have you been up to lately? Doing anything inspiring?
Some SEO people do have a life away from the screen, here’s me with my son Jett – guess the location?


Wishing everyone a fantastic 2010 … or should I just write “twenty-ten”? Have a fabulous twenty-ten!

I’m pleased to report my SEO client list is growing rapidly, but before I list them, I hope you’ll read my latesttestimonial from a very happy SEO client.

Here’s a stack of new clients that are getting SEO done by me – most of them are market leaders in their fields, so this is an exciting, dynamic and growing list that I’m very proud of:

Complete Home Renovation Website Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide

Mate’s Rate Furniture Retailers Furniture Shops Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Canberra

World Par-tea Boutique Tea Distributors / Online Tea Shop Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide

The Health Arts College – Study Kinesiology Aromatherapy Remedial Massage Courses Australia Hong Kong Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide

To Health By Choice – Far Infra Red Saunas Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth Adelaide

NOVA Magazine – Holistic Health Natural Therapy Magazines Australia Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Perth

Habitat Furniture Sydney Inner West Furniture Shops Outlets Stores Canterbury Hurlstone Park

Road Rider Motorbike Magazine Australia Motorcycle Magazines Touring Bikes Sydney Melbourne

Quantum Change Seminars – NLP Courses Sydney Melbourne Brisbane Study NLP Courses Seminars Scholarships in Australia

I now do SEO in 5-hour blocks which means I can fully focus on the client for that stint and achieve a lot. Why not at least make an enquiry and get a no-obligation quote on what search engine optimization needs to be done on your website?

Here’s to a peaceful, compassionate and loving 2010.

– Stewart Dawes.

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