“Stewart is someone who works WITH a client rather than talking AT a client. Our previous experience of pimply young whizkids was that they told us what we needed for SEO rather than talking with us about viable outcomes. Stewart is a businessman who understands business and SEO. I’m very grateful for his great work in getting us ‘up there’.” – Ian Hamilton, Director: Alkaway: http://www.alkaway.com.au

Thanks Ian!! Meanwhile, I sent out an email to a selection of hospitality contacts last night, which forewarns the end of the SEO world:

“If you require SEO for your website/s and videos, don’t leave it too long! SEO is in full swing across the world and it’s very reasonable to suggest that if you don’t get your website SEO-ed in the next 3-6 months, there will be no chance of you getting on the first page, and probably no chance of getting on the 2nd page either. If you already got it done and it’s ranking very highly, congratulations, smart move. 

Because contrary to the myths about Google and other search engines changing their algorhythms, my hobby website Sydneycafes.com.au has been #1 on Google for the search phrase “cafes in Sydney” for the entire 10 years of our website, and #1 for “bars in Sydney” for the last 8 years. For the search phrase “nightclubs in Sydney”?  – also #1, for the last 5 years. So rankings tend to be a lot more consistent and entrenched than search engines want you to believe. 

So if you need it, do something about your SEO right now!!”

I think that’s about right! While I still have a lot to give that’s valuable right now, in 18 months I better be doing something else for a crust.


Also today I launched a Twitter profile for one of my clients – it’s @THAcollege – the Health Arts College.

I’d avoided Twitter because I figured I’m online often enough, however I can see its merits after fluffing around on it for a couple of hours. Am I gonna set my own account up on it? Not tonight, Josephine.

The other thing I’ve been doing this week is putting videos on Youtube and search engine optimising them. I’ve done about 60 videos in the last 9 days – if you’re interested in getting this aspect of your business going, one thing I’d pretty much forgotten(!) is that I have a film and television degree and worked as a cameraman for Skychannel and ABC TV for 5 years!! Distant past now, but suddenly seems appealing that through applying SEO to Youtube, out of the blue I’m filming things again. No longer just photography, writing and marketing all the time. Nice one, life.

If you want to discuss SEO for your business, email me via media@seotherapy.com.au

– Stewart Dawes.

PS: Here’s a wacky little video I shot on my mobile phone on Saturday night and SEO-ed for the fun of it – turn the sound down on your computer before clicking as it’s a bit noisy!!