The end of the world is nigh!! People have been saying it for centuries, but the fact is, the SEO world really is coming to an end.

I’m speaking from an Australian perspective, because here we’re about 2 years behind the USA, and over there SEO has reached saturation.

What that means is that with tens of thousands of SEO specialists riding the opportunity to get clients improved free/organic search results on Google, Yahoo, Bing, MSN etc, the possibilties are shrunk. Search for a plumber in Chicago and there will now be dozens of Search Engine Optimised pages showing up highest in the rankings, which means it’s pretty much too late to get in the first 4 or 5 pages, let alone the top 7 listings on the all-important first page!!!!

Here in Australia, that hasn’t happened yet. I spoke to a new client today who has had a great cafe / catering / function venue for 5 years, and his website is pretty cute/sexy. But …. it’s built in Flash, which Google doesn’t read – it’s not been SEO-ed, and he’s clearly never given the idea any thought. Of course I made the fatal mistake of telling him what he needs to do and so he’s passing on my email to his web designer, who got it all wrong in the first place.

Anyway I wasn’t chasing him for SEO, he was signing up to have 12 Linked Listings on my website which is ranked #1 on ALL search engines for “cafes in Sydney”, “bars in Sydney” and “nightclubs in Sydney”. So he was doing a smart thing because relevant links are extremely important – and to have 12 of them from a very high traffic website like is well worth a small annual fee – and I was happy to make the acquaintance – who knows maybe he’ll wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and call me – an SEO-booty-call.

If you want to get onboard with me for SEO or doing an SEO-friendly stuff like being on the Sydneycafes website (if you’re a caterer / cafe / bar / restaurant / hospitality supplier etc) then email me, Stewart Dawes, via: or


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