In SEO, there are two things we aim for – either extremely high first-page rankings for searches which return 10 million or more results – or multiple super-high rankings for anything below 10 million results.

When we explain this to the “low corporate IQ” people who run most of Australia’s corporations, they actually don’t believe the ROI figures quoted by our existing clients.

Just yesterday we had a CEO of a major corporation say to his marketing manager, who is lobbying for his company to finally do some SEO after they’ve done nothing at all (and here we are in 2012), that he’s more likely to believe a witchdoctor than our SEO client testimonials.

Anyway check out the below graph and see for yourself what we achieve for clients such as Cherry Red, a small boutique fashion store in Mudgee who is outranking Westfield, David Jones and Myer: a #2 ranking out of 43 million results for the search “designer handbags” – back in July 2011, their website didn’t even exist … :