Exasperated about the Social Media options out there?

Not wanting to spend all that time getting to know what Social Media’s about, yet you still want to generate high website traffic – traffic with genuine interest in your business?

Social Media Managers Sydney Australia - Facebook Business PageThen you need to talk to us to get your business some genuinely effective Twitter action!

Here’s the bit you’re gonna love – we do it for just $22 per week.

How? We specialise in giving your business a highly professional interactive presence without you having to do a thing.

While we cut our teeth over the last 11 years using multiple online platforms designed to promote, facilitate and manage an online presence, we’ve decided to bring a Twitter-only package into the market for businesses who simply want that aspect taken care of.

While 300,000 people are joining Twitter every day, a large amount of businesses are doing Twitter badly and don’t have the remotest idea how to be successful in this medium.

Yet they joined because recent figures have shown extraordinary results for businesses – if you want to see some figures, have a look at this 4 minute social media “return on investment” (ROI) video.

Perhaps you know all of this already, and you’ve realised that what social media does cost is time.

Our $22 per week Twitter Package continually grows your profile – and from an elevated platform you can then be involved as much or as little as you like.

While there’s some involvement with you in the first month (we need to get to know you after all), following that you can get back to doing what you do best (running your bricks & mortar business) while we send you updates on how you’re going in the twitterverse.

Though by then it’s likely you’ll be seeing the results anyway, through higher traffic on your own website and increased customer interest.

Currently we’ve created and run over 40 twitter accounts all year around. Here are just a few (more available on request):

For more information contact:

Stewart Dawes – Chief Happiness Officer: media@seotherapy.com.au

Tim Dugan – Australasian Account Manager: tim@seotherapy.com.au

Claire Felices – International Social Media Account Manager: claire@seotherapy.com.au

Also keep in touch with us via http://twitter.com/SEOtherapy

Looking for further inspiration – click here for our page on 50 of the Hottest Articles about Twitter and Social Media.

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