SEO at its most rewarding is like icing a cake.

Brian Knight, director of Melbourne’s The Health Arts College, had been adding pages and content to his websitefor the last seven years.

Effectively he had baked a fantastic cake – lots of content = lots of ingredients / lots of flavours … etc, we all get the metaphor.

But his website wasn’t getting as much traffic as it could. It was like the most delicious cake sitting neglected on a table at the party – many more people would see it once it was iced.

So I was blessed with the job of icing that cake – and because it was so rich with study-natural-therapies content, once the icing was on it, Google picked it up and placed it at the top of the rankings – within about 3 weeks of the SEO being done.

Usually I’m very cautious and like to manage people’s expectations – as The Health Arts College was one of my first clients, I did what my SEO Bible told me and said to Brian that getting onto the first page of Google results could take up to 12 months. And yet, within 3 weeks, he was on the first page for scores of search phrases.

Now Brian’s launched sub-domains for campuses he’s setting up not just around Australia, but in Hong Kong also.

So there’s a lot more SEO to come. The new subdomains are:

Study Kinesiology in Sydney

Kinesiology Courses in Brisbane

Hong Kong Kinesiology Courses – The Health Arts College is already #4 and #5 on Google for “kinesiology hong kong”

Study Kinesiology in Perth

Adelaide Kinesiology Courses

If you want me to ice your cake, I hope you’ve baked it well already – then email me via

– Stewart Dawes

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