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Folks these are probably not the 50 hottest-ever articles on social media, but they’re a start. Stacks of good information in every one of them. I’ve just collected them randomly as I’ve spotted them, but that’s part of the twitter way – randomness. Hope you enjoy:

1. Eight Reasons why your Business must invest in Social Media

2. Marketing through Social Media has 3 important aspects

3. Seven ways Social Media is like an excellent first date

4. Retailers +Restaurants must see video on Location Apps & People using App games

5. Social Media Myths You Should Get Over Right Now –

6. The Social Media TOS: ?T/rust ?O/rganize ?S/hare:

7. Being On Twitter Counts More in Google Search Results These Days:

8. The Two Types Of Twitter Stars

9. Is Facebook Getting Bigger Than Google? [STATS] –

10. 6 Ways To Overcome Social Media Burnout

11. How To Set Social Media Goals

12. What Role Should Agencies Play In Social Media Marketing?

13. 100+ Signs That You’re Addicted to Twitter

14. Australia’s Top 100 Food Twitterers

15. 60 Mind Blowing Inspirational Twitter Backgrounds

16. 50 Power Twitter Tips

17. What impact will Twitter’s new Places service have on this? 5 trends that will shape location marketing

18. How a grandmother became an environmental activist with 10,000 Twitter followers

19. Don’t follow 2,000 people on Twitter right away – great twittertips for beginners

20. 9 Uber-Cool Things To Do with Your Twitter Account:

21. What to tweet for small business owners:

22. Harnessing the Power of Facebook to Attract Fans to New Brands

23. Using Social Media to Build Your Tribe

24. Why it’s important to train your staff on social media

25. Facts and Figures on Twitters Amazing Growth of over 1300%

26. 5 Steps to a Social Media Avalanche of Customers

27. Twitter gets more local by launching location function: Twitter Places

28. Only 29% Of Companies Have A Social Media Policy: Is Your Company At Risk?

29. How Four Seasons Hotels Use Twitter by @AskAaronLee

30. Social Media Breeds New Field of “Experts” by the Sydney Morning Herald.

31. Manage Your Twitter Account Better With These 6 Twitter Tools: from @Twitter_Tips

32. Must-hear 1-hour-length ABC Radio social media podcast

33. Twitter Does It Again, Reaches Rate of Nearly 200,000 Tweets Per Minute!

34. How does Google Caffeine work and how will it affect SEO and social media?

35. Make an Efficient Twitter Background

36. Coke All Atwitter With Twitter

37. Your First Year on Twitter – 10 Significant Milestones

38. 9 Tips to build your reputation on Twitter like Guy Kawasaki

39. The Four Most Important Uses of Social Media for B2B

40. 52 Cool Facts About Social Media

41. Beyond That Little Thing Called Tweets – another great article by @AskAaronLee

42. 5 Warning Signs of a Weak Social Media Strategy

43. 30 Twitter Tools For Managing Followers

44. Doctor’s Guide to Twitter 52 Useful Tips & Tools

45. 22 Essential Social Media Resources You May Have Missed

46. Social media does not just take place online

47. 4 Tips For Building An Amazing Twitter Community

48. Social media explained by a 9-year-old in one sentence

49. 5 Ways to Clean Up Your Social Media Identity

50. 20 craziest things you can do on Twitter!

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